J/24 Fleet, BYC

BYC’s J/24s race on Thursday nights during the summer months, competing for places in the June, July and August Series races. They share the course with the J/80 and Shields fleets, which makes for a very exciting and fast-paced night! Here are the details...
  • Rig at 1700
  • First warning signal at 1800
  • Non-BYC members pay a fee of $120 per series, or $55 for the special races.
  • Join your team back at Beverly for awards and dinner and drinks!
The J/24s also sail on Tuesday nights for the Women’s Keelboat Racing Program...
  • Rig at 1700
  • Practice starts and mark-roundings beginning at 1800
  • Join us for chalk talks and friendly discussion back at the Club
  • Drinks and dinner following!

BYC J/24 Fleet Representative:   
Cam Tougas, email: