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Town of Marion

(click on the graphic for more information on Marion, Massachusetts)Welcome to the Town of Marion, Massachusetts! Marion is a small town located in southeastern Massachusetts.  It is one of a number of communities that are connected by water, all of which are located in Buzzards Bay.  Marion is a town which captures the essence and heart of New England.  The streets in the village section of Marion are lined with houses that are reminiscent of a time long since past. The New England charm of tree-lined streets and white picket fences is evident throughout the village.  There is still a General Store in the center of the village, and the Post Office is directly across the street.
Marion is also the home to Tabor Academy, a well-known preparatory school.  The picture-perfect campus spreads out across the center of the town.  Marion's harbor is listed on the charts as Sippican Harbor.  It is one of the prettiest harbors in Buzzards Bay.  In the summer, the harbor is filled with boats of every size.  Buzzards Bay is a boater's paradise.  It is know for its southwest winds that kick up almost every afternoon.  Any fog that may appear in the morning usually burns off to a haze in the afternoon.
For more information on Marion, Massachusetts, please visit the town's website at https://www.marionma.gov/.