Waterfront Rules
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Waterfront Rules


  1. The space on the north side of the inner concrete float is reserved for short tie-ups. Additional space may be available on the concrete floats; however, these spaces are for Club-owned boats. Before docking, permission must be obtained from the Club Manager, Waterfront Supervisor or a BYC launch driver. There is a two (2) hour limit on tie-ups to the concrete floats. Vessels left unattended for more than two hours may be removed to a mooring at the member’s expense.
  2. On weekdays in season, no dinghy tie-up space is available except for members who have a seasonal haul-out or tie-up space on the dinghy floats.
  3. On weekends in season, on a space-available basis, members who do not have a seasonal tie-up or haul-out space may tie up a dinghy on the south side of the junior floats. On the dock at all times, there is a limit of one boat per member. These spaces may not be available if the Junior Program is hosting a weekend event.
  4. Off-season, on a space-available basis, a member who does not already have a contracted dock space may utilize at no charge a tie-up space or haul-out space on the junior float array. On the dock at all times, there is a limit of one boat per member. A member may, with permission of the seasonal occupant and waterfront supervisor, also utilize at no charge a tie-up space or haul-out space on the dinghy float array.
  5. The guest tie-up spots at the outer end of the dinghy floats are reserved at all times for dinghies from visiting yachts. These spots are not to be used by members at any time.
  6. Dinghies on or tied up to BYC floats are not to exceed 11.5’ LOA and 5’8” beam.
  7. Any dinghy with an outboard must leave the outboard in the down position, place it inside the dinghy or shield the propeller in a way it cannot cause damage to other boats. Boats that are in violation of this policy may be removed at the owner’s expense.
  8. Dinghy tie-up and haul-out space allocations:
    • The dinghy tie-up and haul-out spaces on the north float array are allocated to members who are on a waiting list maintained by the BYC office. New “space holders” are allocated the least senior space when they are moved from the waitlist to a space holder. Each year when existing space holders give up their spaces, members’ spaces are moved “up the ladder.”
    • The order in which the spaces are moved is: southwest corner of the float array to the northwest corner, then to the southeast (near the Gazebo) corner moving north to the inside corner of the array. From here the next position is the west corner of the north side of the array moving east.
    • The order in which the haul-out spaces are moved is from the pier north and then east.
    • At any time, a member can choose to remain in a particular space and let the other members “jump over.” If a member would like to choose this option, they must notify the BYC office prior to January 15 of the year in question.
    • An assigned dinghy space is for the exclusive use of the member for which it is assigned. It may not be transferred either temporarily or permanently to another member or guest.
    • A membership may hold either one dinghy dock tie-up space or dinghy dock haul-out space, but not both.
  9. In accordance with Clubhouse Rules and the Board of Health, smoking is prohibited at all times on all BYC properties.
  1. Members may utilize, at no charge, a BYC guest mooring for one night per year in-season or two consecutive nights per year off-season, but not both. The current mooring services fee will apply to any additional occupancy. This privilege is not transferable between members. It is also not transferable between a member and a guest.
  2. Occupancy of a BYC guest mooring is only allowed with the prior permission of the Club Manager, Waterfront Supervisor, or a BYC launch operator. In the absence of permission, the boat may be removed at the member’s expense.
  1. All on-shore rack spaces are reserved. Members may not use another member’s space. Junior Clubhouse rack spaces are available off-season (prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day) to members who do not have any contracted rack space already.
  2. No boat should be placed on or near the racks without the prior permission of the BYC Manager or Waterfront Supervisor. In the absence of permission, the boat may be removed at the member’s expense.
  1. No open alcoholic beverage may be carried aboard or consumed on a BYC launch.
  2. Only visiting yachtsmen are permitted to tip launch drivers.
  3. BYC launches shall not tow other vessels, including dinghies, except in emergency situations.
  4. Launches may not transport any hazardous material as prescribed by United States Coast Guard Rules for passenger launches and 49 CFR 172.101. Hazardous material includes but is not limited to; fuel containers, propane/CNG tanks, engine batteries.
  1. Members using BYC moorings will adhere to all policies and procedures established by the Town of Marion for such use.
  2. Owners of boats stored on Club property or using Club moorings will be responsible for removing same in the event of a major storm warning or at the request of the Club Manager.
  3. Members shall adhere to all policies regarding the Club’s waterfront assets. Policies and procedures are available at the Club.
  4. Swimming is not allowed from BYC floats except as a supervised activity of the Junior Sailing Program, such as swim tests.
  5. No Club-owned boat may be operated by anyone other than BYC officers, staff or registered participants in the Junior Sailing Program without prior permission on a case-by-case basis from the Club Manager, Waterfront Supervisor or a Flag Officer.
  6. No boat is permitted on any BYC float, mooring or rack prior to April 15 or after November 30 without the prior permission of the BYC Manager or Waterfront Supervisor. In the absence of permission, the boat may be removed at the member’s expense.
  7. To rent a seasonal mooring, dinghy tie-up space, dinghy haul-out space, or dinghy rack space, or to be placed on a waiting list for any one of these seasonal rentals, you must submit your request to BYC Member Services in writing and be a voting member of the club. Space is assigned by membership.
  8. No boat may be stored on Beverly Yacht Club property during the season, unless it is kept in its properly assigned rack, haul-out, or tie-up space. The only exceptions to this rule are that private boats used in Junior Sailing Classes may be stored on property at the discretion of the Junior Program Director and must be affixed with a boat sticker issued by the BYC office.
  9. We require all children under age 12 to wear life jackets at all times on the docks and pier.
  10. We require all children under age 18, who do not swim, to wear life jackets on the docks and pier.
  11. We do not allow running or roughhousing on the docks and pier.
  12. We will have “loaner” life jackets available in the Club Manager’s office for children who do not own one or forget theirs.