2016 BYC Junior Sailing Registration Form
Please complete one registration per child.
- BYC members as well as juniors who have taken BYC sailing lessons previously have priority for registering through March 31.
- All new sailor registrations will be provided confirmation of registration starting April 1.
Before starting your registration, be sure to have all requested information at hand (i.e., personal contact information, insurance information, sailing class descriptions/schedules, etc.), and also review the "Programs" page listed under the Juniors drop down list.

Be sure to use the Tab button or your mouse to move from text box to text box.  Pressing the Enter button will submit your incomplete form and require you to start over). And, kindly enter phone numbers is this format: xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

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Sailor's First Name:   Sailor's Last Name: 
Sailor's Nick Name (if any):     Gender:
Sailor's Cell Phone (if any):  Sailor's Email (if any): 
Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy):      School Grade (in Fall 2016):
Weight (in lbs.):      Height (in total inches):
Member or Non-Member:    Sailor's Account # (if known):
>If this sailor is not a BYC member, does s/he have a grandparent who is a BYC member?
>>If yes, please indicate the grandparent's name here:
Insurance Carrier:     Policy Number:
Name of Policy Holder:     Carrier Phone #:
Medical Diagnoses (if any):  Please list any allergies, conditions or medical problems including those requiring maintenance medications (i.e., Diabetes, Asthma, and Seizure Disorder).
                                                                                                            Parental Consent* (initial in box)
                   Medical Diagnosis                                        Medication         Only for Epi-pens and asthma inhalers
*The only medications that may be self-administered during program time are EPI-PENS and ASTHMA INHALERS, and parents/legal guardians must give consent (by initialing above) that his/her child is capable of and allowed to self-administer.  Please note that the BYC Junior Program staff is not permitted to administer or store any medications.

Refer to the Class Schedule and Descriptions available on the Junior Sailing Program home page.  Select class based on last year's evaluation and instructor recommendation.  If you aren't sure, make your best guess and provide more information about the sailor's skills in the Comments box below.  Note:  Sea Monkeys must be at least 6 years old by the start of class and must have completed Kindergarten.  Sailors may not be older than 17 years old on 12/31/15.

Please note - UPDATE AS OF 7/8/16 - the only classes with space available for session 2 are Adventure and 420-2.

Choose Class 1:     Session:
Choose Class 2:     Session:
Choose Class 3:     Session:
    Class Fees:
     - Pre Season Clinic ... $150 (two-day clinic June 15 & 16, 8:30am to 3:30pm, includes lunch)
     - Sea Monkeys, Adventure, Opti 1, Opti 2, 420-1, 420-2 ... $510 per session or $850 if taking both sessions
     - Opti Green Race, Opti Race, 420 Green Race, 420 Race ... $540 per session or $915 if taking both sessions
     (Note:  An administrative fee of $280 will apply, in addition to the class fees, to any child who is not part of a BYC Family membership.)
Do you plan to use your own boat during class?      If so, what kind?
     Optis, 420s & O'pen Bics may be stored on BYC property at no charge as long as the owner of boat is actively involved with said boat in sailing classes.
Comments, if any, about class/session selection:

If you already completed the "Contact Information" for another sailor this year and want to use the same information for this registrant, you may skip Section 3 if you indicate the first registrant's name here:
Home Address 1
Address type:      If other, please explain:
Street:     Town:
State:      Zip:      Country:
Land line telephone number at this address (if any):
Dates at this address:      OK to mail to this address?
(i.e., June through August)
Home Address 2 (if applicable)
Address type:      If other, please explain:
Street:      Town: 
State:      Zip:      Country:
Land line telephone number at this address (if any):
Dates at this address:      Ok to mail to this address?
Parent Info
Parent 1 First Name:      Parent 1 Last Name:
Parent 1 Cell Phone #:     Parent 1 Work Phone #:
Parent 1 Email:
  Please provide complete information - especially email addresses!
Parent 2 First Name:      Parent 2 Last Name:
Parent 2 Cell Phone #:     Parent 2 Work Phone #:
Parent 2 Email:
  Please provide complete information - especially email addresses!
Race Team Parents ... the racers need your support!  Check below to indicate how you can help:
haul/launch boats   trailer boats    supply water    supply snacks    on-water support
"First to Call" in an Emergency Contact
State Camp Regulations require that the primary person to call in case of an emergency during sailing class be identified.  Please indicate that person (oftentimes a parent) and information below: 
Best Phone #:      Relation to Sailor:
Alternative Non-Parent Emergency Contact
Best Phone #:      Relation to Sailor:



Per State Camp Regulations, each sailor may only be released to a parent or parent-designated individual as identified in writing.  Please indicate the name(s) of those approved, including parents, who may release your child from class.  If you would like to give your child permission to sign him/herself out of class, please indicate that approval in SECTION 5: AGREEMENTS.

1.      2. 
3.      4.
5.      6.
7.      8. 
9.      10.



A $100 deposit is due upon registration, per sailor, per class.  This deposit will be applied toward the balance due.  If the registration is canceled, the deposit is non-refundable.  Please confirm billing:

      Bill deposit to BYC account#:   Name on account:


BYC will mail statements with balances due in May.  Please note:

- Families enrolling multiple children for 6 or more total class sessions will receive a 10% credit on class fees.

- A $100 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration.

- All other payments are due within 30 days of billing or prior to the start of class, whichever occurs first.

- No refunds will be issued once the first day of class arrives.


Comments about billing/payment (if any):




On Time Payment (required): I agree that class fees and membership dues will be paid prior to the start of class, otherwise I understand that my child will not be allowed to participate in class.

Initial agreement for On Time Payment here:


Emergency Release (required):  In case of emergency, I hereby authorize my child to be transported to a qualified physician and/or local emergency room for treatment by licensed Doctors of Medicine, Doctors of Dentistry, Certified Emergency Personnel, or other such licensed technicians or nurses.  I agree to be responsible financially for the reasonable cost of such assistance and treatment.

Initial agreement for Emergency Release here:  


Health and Immunization Record (required):  I agree to submit a current Health and Immunization Record for this sailor signed by our physician and conducted within 18 months of June 2016, otherwise I understand that my child will not be allowed to participate in class.

Initial agreement for Health Record here: 


Regatta Participation (required for any regatta participant):  I agree that my child will be driven and accompanied by a parent - or appropriately assigned adult other than a BYC coach/instructor - when participating in any regatta as part of the BYC Jr. Sailing regatta schedule.

Initial agreement for Regatta Participation here: 


Self Dismissal (optional): My child has permission to dismiss him/herself from class by signing out with the instructor.

Initial agreement for Self Dismissal here:


Phone List (optional):  I would like my child to be included in a published phone list for the Junior sailors.  I approve the following for print:  child's name, home address(es), home phone number(s), parents' names, parents' emails, and parents' cell phone #'s.  This information will only be distributed to other families involved in the BYC Junior Sailing Program and is not approved for any commercial purpose.

Initial agreement for Phone List here:




If you have any further questions or comments, please note them here: