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Outside Club Member Visits   

Visiting yachtmen from other clubs are welcome at the BYC.  We strongly recommend that you call the BYC office at least 24 hours prior to your arrival to confirm if other events might be taking place during your visit date.  (A regatta hosted at the BYC on the same day as your visit may put a damper on your visit.)
In addition, your home club should fax (508-748-0771) or email (office@beverlyyachtclub.org) a letter of introduction ahead of time, and we kindly ask that you present your member card upon arrival at the BYC.
Please note that the BYC does not cross-charge with other clubs.  Costs incurred may be settled at time of service with cash or credit card.

Mooring Reservations

Please call the BYC office at 508-748-0540 if you need make a mooring reservation.
Mooring reservations for the Marion-Bermuda Race may be requested online directly with the Marion-Bermuda organizing group here.  (BYC will not be taking any direct mooring reservations for the Marion-Bermuda Race.)
Please note, in the unlikely event that available mooring spaces falls short of demand, we partner with local boat yards to handle overflow.