Women's Keelboat, BYC


Non-scored practice races for women in J/24s are held on Tuesday evenings throughout the season, and will be scheduled in accordance with the BYC Race Calendar. The purpose of the program is to encourage the participation of all-woman crews in learning how to race performance keelboats.  Participants may be either BYC members or guests, provided they have pre-registered for the program and have paid a participation fee for borrowed-boat insurance and damage deposit.  The fee is to be paid by each and every participant, including owners and owners' representatives. For further information, please contact our Race Committee Chair at

The intent of the program is to encourage learning and building of racing experience on the water.  Accordingly, daily prizes will not be awarded during the program.  A Woman's Keelboat Regatta will be held for program participants at the end of the regular program.

Please visit the WKRP website for more information.