2019 Race Management Guide & Workbook

Welcome to BYC Racing!


May, 2019
Dear BYC Sailors and Friends,
Your Race Committee has been hard at work all winter to make sure everything is ready for the 2019 racing season. I’d like to say a special “Thank you!” to all the members of the BYC Race Committee, for their extraordinary commitment of time and talent, in helping to make our 2019 racing season the best one yet. We had amazing attendance and participation at every one of our 6 meetings. Together, we accomplished a great deal on behalf of our racers. Please be sure to thank your committee members when you see them; they are:
Bill Berry, Marcia Browne, Nanna Buckley, Peter D’Anjou, Ken Deyett, Susan Ford, Wendy Goodwin, Jed Hoffer, Laurie Knight, Mary Levenson, Mark Lindquist, Tracy McNeil, Susan Mead, Phyllis Partridge, Mary Pierce, Jon Pope, Will Tifft, Bill Saltonstall, Camden Tougas, Christopher Verni, and Susan Vogler
Please remember that Crew Finder can help you to build your racing team! Many of you asked about help in this area in the 2019 Race Survey. On Crew Finder, skippers can advertise for crew needed, and crew can advertise their availability and skill level. However, Crew Finder will only work if we all commit to using it, so be sure to post your positions soon, and get a head start on building a team roster for the season.
As you know, BYC is serious about safety, and in 2019, we will be doing short safety drills over the radio on the first race of each racing series. In these drills, we will refer to the BYC Safety Protocol, which is listed on the BYC website, and in truncated form on the laminated Race charts that we give each skipper. Our emergency plan will only work if everyone knows about it. Additionally, as you ready your boat for the new season, please don’t forget to check that all of your safety equipment is in good working order, and please remember that BYC requires that all racing boats (other than dinghies) monitor VHF c. 72 while racing.
The crews of TIGER TALE and PEREGRINE look forward to seeing you on the line for a spectacular season of racing!
Deborah Bennett Elfers
Race Committee Chair, Beverly Yacht Club