Buzzards Bay Trophy Races

In the Corinthian spirit of yachting, and with the goal to increase and sustain PHRF Yacht Racing on Buzzards Bay, the following yacht clubs: Beverly Yacht Club, Buzzards Yacht Club, Mattapoisett Yacht Club, New Bedford Yacht Club and Quissett Yacht Club, have come together in cooperation to increase participation and competition on Buzzards Bay and collectively award the Buzzards Bay Trophy to the winning yacht.
Annually the Buzzards Bay Trophy is awarded to any PHRF-NE rating system yacht which has the best combined score in four of the following six races:
1. Mattapoisett Yacht Club Spring Around-the-Bay Race  -  June 9, 2018.
2. New Bedford Yacht Club’s Whaler’s Race - June 23, 2018
3. Beverly Yacht Club’s Parker Converse Tower Race - July 14, 2018
4. Buzzards Yacht Club’s  PHRF Race – August 18, 2018
5. Quissett Yacht Club’s ‘Round the Bay Race – September 8, 2018
6. Beverly Yacht Club’s Hurricane Cup – September 22, 2018
A yacht must race in at least four of the six races to be eligible for the prize and must have a valid rating certificate for each race in which it competes. Each boat’s race score shall be her finish position score divided by the number of boats starting in her division. Each boat’s series score shall be the total of her four lowest race scores. The lowest total points win. Yachts may choose to sail in either cruising division or racing division for each race they enter, the lowest aggregate score will be used. A perpetual trophy will be awarded along with the Buzzards Bay Trophy. The perpetual trophy will be adorned with the burgee of each participating club. Each yacht club will collectively advertise all the above races, and will use best efforts not to have conflicting similar big yacht racing.
Mark Lindquist, Beverly Yacht Club
Rick Warren, Mattapoisett Yacht Club
Ryan Walsh, New Bedford Yacht Club
Jon Burt, Quissett Yacht Club
Matthew Schmitt, Buzzards Yacht Club