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Interest in Membership

Interest in Membership

The Beverly Yacht Club seeks new members who enjoy yachting and who will contribute to and participate in our racing, cruising, junior, and social activities — these programs are the basis for our being a Club.

Interested candidates for membership must be proposed in writing by a current BYC member and seconded in writing by another current BYC member, neither of whom is a member of the Council or the Admissions Committee. In addition, three letters of support from current members will be required.

If you do not know anyone at BYC, there are several ways to meet members! We have numerous volunteer opportunities that facilitate getting to know the membership. If you are interested in sailboat racing, you can volunteer on our Committee Boat Commodores. If you have a boat and would like to race, you can sign up for our weekly “series” racing program. We also hold many events at the club that depend on volunteering to make them a success.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process or are interested in volunteering at the club, please contact the BYC office at [email protected].