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Fall Racing

Fall Racing

Fall sailing is the “casual and fun” racing series at BYC, and all (including non-member boats for a small fee) are welcome to participate. Please come see what this racing thing is all about! If you are interested in crewing, or helping on the race committee boat, please be in touch with the fall racing fleet captain.

The fleets race on Sundays, beginning the week after Labor Day, going through until the last Sunday of October (weather permitting).


For the smaller boats (H-12s and Bullseyes) we “rig at 9, race at10” and we are back at the dock by noon. The short course format allows multiple races for all classes on hand. Special prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the PRO for family crews, senior crews, pet crews, or anything else that may come to mind on any given race day.

Racing for the Shields fleet will also be offered – “rig at 11, race at noon.” The goal is to get as many starts as possible.

Registration is required for this series, for scoring purposes.

Will Tifft: [email protected]