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Photo Credit: Chris Collings

Photo Credit: Bryan McSweeny

Photo Credit: Bryan McSweeny

Rocket Frostbiting

Join BYC's newest fleet, the Fulcrum Rockets, in their off-season Frostbite racing! The fleet began their first series in the fall of 2022 with 20 racers in 11 boats over 11 weeks. Everyone had a blast.

Rocket racing primary season is Mid-October through the New Years Day weekend. We also race late Spring from April to mid May.

In the Fall 2023 Frostbite racing series, Thanksgiving Day Regatta, and Christmas Ice Bowl Regatta, we sailed over 60 races across 12 weekends. We had 33 different sailors participate, including a 13 year old, several 'older'' racers, past World Champion skippers, boat builders, and Olympians!

As of the beginning of 2024, we have 13 boats owned by BYC members, and expect this number to increase over the course of the year.

The fleet is extremely generous about lending boats for trial and welcoming new racers. Races take place directly off the BYC docks; we invite anyone to come down on a Sunday to race, help with running races, or even just to join us as a spectator.


We anxiously anticipate hosting the 1st Rocket Intergalactic Regatta in August 23 to 25, 2024 in Marion, MA. Check back for the Notice of Race. With over 400 boats produced by Fulcrum Speedworks and counting, momentum is in our favor!

To sign up to be a Race Officer for the Rockets on a particular date(s), please click here.

Paul Bolick: [email protected]