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Photo Credit: Bryan McSweeny

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Photo Credit: Bryan McSweeny


Welcome to the Shields Fleet 10 page. The Shields One Design Association is an organized group of Shields owners focused on maintaining the one-design aspect of the sport. While the Shields One-Design began with a vision from Cornelius (Corny) Shields, Sparkman & Stephens put pencil to paper to design the boat we race today. Shields Fleet 10 from the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion, Massachusetts has been there right from the beginning, and we continue to contribute on a national and local level to maintain communication and camaraderie. Limitations on equipment changes ensure boats from every decade remain competitive. We are proud of our history with six of the original twenty built Shields still racing out of Sippican Harbor. Races typically come down to the wire with experience and boat handling skill making the difference. Fleet 10 consistently sends participants to the Shields National Regatta, often finishing top five, including multiple Class Champions. It all starts at home though, so please join us for local racing & everything Buzzards Bay has to offer. There is no better view of a Sippican Harbor sunset, than from a Shields! Come and join us for some terrific racing:

  • Thursday Twilight Racing: Start time 1800 hrs; Join us after racing for spirits & friendly tactical discussion in the clubhouse.
  • Saturday Series Racing: Start time 1400 hrs; Join us for lunch beforehand, and spirits & friendly tactical discussion after racing in the clubhouse.
  • Sunday Fall Series Racing: Start time 1000 hrs; Join us for family-friendly casual Shields racing and make it home for the football game. Fall Racing will start 9/1/24.

Interested in crewing or trying a Shields? Reach out to Tom to learn more!


You are invited to visit our Fleet Website at http://fleet10.shieldsclass.com. A list of Fleet 10's boats and additional information can be found on the Shields Fleet 10 page. If you're interested in learning more about our class, please visit https://shieldsclass.com/index.php.

Click here to purchase the book on the History of the Shields One Design.

Building off of Corny Shields' vision to make Shields racing accessible for all, the Shields Class Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was set up in 2020 to promote specific initiatives such as Under 30 racers, building additional fleets as well as supporting current fleets. Please visit https://shieldsclassfoundation.org/ for more information or to donate today!

Van Rensselaer Trophy/Thacher Family Trophy
Tiffany Bucket (Shields with the best time sailing from Marion to Edgartown for the Edgartown Regatta)
Mark S. Tirrell Memorial Trophy (Given to the best combined score of the Shields Twilight Series)
Hurricane Cup

** Boats must register through the BYC website prior to attending! **

Shields National Championship Regatta 2024: September 18-21, 2024 at Larchmont Yacht Club in Larchmont, NY.

Tom Evans: [email protected]